So...the Nate Robinson rumors are back in full swing. Seems like every year there is a rumor of him going somewhere. The 2009-10 edition has him going to Boston. Rumors talk of a Nate for Eddie House/Bill Walker swap. This is a delicate situation, but the bottom line is, I say you do a Nate deal even if it's for a fellow expiring and a late number one pick. Nate is immensely talented but has the maturity level of a three year old. The Knicks haven't been as sharp since he returned to the rotation (something I blame D'Antoni on), and I think it's best they get what they can for him now. Of course, if they are able to package Jared Jeffries in the deal, you do it. Oddly enough, I think Boston is one of the few teams that would be interested in such a package. 

Here's hoping Nate and Jeffries are Boston bound as we inch closer to the Summer of Lebron