Last night's Celtics win over the Cavs was a beautiful sight to behold (this coming from someone who despises Boston sports). The Celts dominated the Cavs and certainly look like the better team, poised to take out the Cavs and subsequently cause Lebron to jump ship. Assuming the Cavs lose, Lebron has a built in excuse to bolt for the bright lights of New York City. The King is all about winning, yet how can he justify staying with an organization that is a) capped out for years to come and b) took a major step backwards after losing in the Eastern Finals the year before. 

If the Cavs make it to the finals, yes, he might have a tougher time convincing media and fans alike that NY offers him a better chance to win; however, with the opportunity to pick his side kick and play at MSG, the mecca of basketball, will prove to be too enticing after the Cavs get knocked out of the playoffs much earlier than expected...or so we hope.