The Knicks today acquired Tracy McGrady for, among others, Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill. A 2012 semi protected first round pick was included in addition to Houston having the right to swap 2011 first round picks. The deal frees up another 10 million dollars in cap room for the much anticipated 2010 free agent class. Did Walsh overpay...sure he did, but he had no choice. When you have the chance to sign a 2nd max free agent, you have to do it. Jordan Hill might develop into a nice player, and giving up first round picks always hurt, but if Walsh is successful in landing 2 max players, that pick won't mean jack. The Knicks haven't had two superstar level players since Frazier and Reed, yet with today's deal, the chances of this happening again is a stunning reality.

Kudos to Walsh...the countdown to 2010 just got much more exciting.