Howard Beck of the NY Times wrote an excellent piece today ( about the state of the current Knicks and how it will probably have little bearing on the decision making of the 2010 free agent class. I have to say this argument is spot on. To view this current Knick team as anything but a temporary mess would be foolish. Of the 12-15 players on the current roster, it's conceivable that only 4 will be on the 2010-2011 roster (Gallinari, Douglas, Chandler, and Eddy Curry). If Curry is bought out, that leaves three players from this year's hose job on next year's roster. Of the three, only two figure to be a big part of the rotation next year. A player like Lebron would essentially be given the opportunity to be player/GM for one summer. He could work with Donnie Walsh and hand pick the players he's want running with him. This doesn't even include possible input on the 2011 FA class in which the Knicks will most likely have 10+ million to spend.

Fans need to endure this joke of a team for just 6 more weeks. Once the last game has been played, the fun begins. Gone will be such winners as Al Harrington, Chris Duhon, and Jonathan Bender. No matter what happens this summer, the Knicks WILL be vastly improved next year. 32+ million dollars provides a ton of flexibility and I personally can't wait to see what happens.


Until then...we can dream can't we?